We will take care of the “Call Center” service for you with a very experienced team. Our team is an expert in providing support with a wide range of information and products to help your organization to continue with daily operation without interruptions. We have the potential to provide services to both small and medium enterprises. We are confident that our services will be of service to you.

Our services

Customer Answering Service

  • Call answering and provide general information for product and service inquiries.
  • On call Ordering and Services
  • Provide Information and status of Work, Shipping and Service
  • Customer Care Center; receive complaints and suggestions.
  • Provide customer appointment to avoid queue and waiting time.
  • Provide Warranty Service History & Records

Outbound calling

  • Contact customer to provide product information and services.
  • Contact inactive customer for their information of service cancellation
  • Contact for customer survey for service improvement and further marketing planning.
  • Call for information gathering to have up to date customer data that enable Customer Relationship     Management (CRM)
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